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All Worldwide Travel is a family-owned business operated by travel professionals with more than 60 years of combined expertise. From collegiate and high school sporting events, cultural groups, and band or dance competitions to reunion cruises and corporate sales conferences, All Worldwide Travel is able to work with budgeting and time constraints, ensuring your event is as stress-free and successful as possible.

Each organization is unique and at All Worldwide Travel, we strive to capture each detail that the group may need, offering all options, without losing sight of the most important thing — your event. We are always communicating with our clients.

Holly Gampa - Air Travel Holly Gampa—President
One day I wondered if we could assist the world of athletics with cost saving solutions. It was a vision, one of those thoughts that enter the brain when you are so desperately trying to go to sleep. The very next morning I put my thoughts on paper and at 10am sent what would become an email that forever changed the world of AWWT. As a small family owned business, the thought process and focus are quite different. We work endlessly, because we are driven individuals fueled by the heart and soul. Today we are a driving force when it comes to travel in the world of athletics and I thank everyone for embracing our vision over the past ten plus years. We can't coach your team, but we can be in the assistant position for getting them where they need to go. If you have a team that will be traveling don't forget to call 888-FLY-AWWT.
Trina Lewis - Air Travel

Trina Lewis—Vice President

"I have been within the travel industry for more than 25 years and have gained extensive knowledge when it comes to International travel. Clients need to know that there are many cost saving solutions. In the world of travel, things are forever changing. Sometimes it is challenging, and best left in the hands of the professional.

"Fare tracking is one of our key programs, because it allows clients to lock in a fare and accurately pinpoint their budgeting needs. It is in the client's best interest to book their group travel nine months out and allow us to continue the search. The goal at the end is to try to obtain a more cost effective option as time goes on. We can't coach your team, but we can be in the assistant position when it comes to consistently searching for lower fares."  If you have a team that will be traveling don't forget to call 888-FLY-AWWT.


Eileen Fitzpatrick - Air Travel Eileen Fitzpatrick—Treasurer
I have always been an entrepreneur and became one within the travel industry over 20 years ago.  Everyone needs a keen eye and someone to be on top of how things need to be submitted in a timely fashion when it comes to team travel.  My role is to ensure that your team always has a back-up plan when it comes to the financial aspect.  We understand that budgets don’t flip for most Institutions until July 1st.  With that in mind AWWT created a solution to assist the fall teams when it comes to travel.  This gives them the ability to book earlier and allow us to work on obtaining lower fares longer.  This is just one key aspect of my position and we strive to continually step outside of the box in the world of travel.  We can’t coach your team, but we can be in the assistant position when you need a flexible option for your budget constraints.  If you have a team that will be traveling don’t forget to call 888-FLY-AWWT.

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

All Worldwide Travel is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy may help you better understand what personal information is requested, and the manner in which this information is used.


What Information We Request and Why

All Worldwide Travel requires customers to provide personal information necessary to purchase airline tickets, rent cars, or book hotel rooms, such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and credit card information when applicable. This information is used to send reservation confirmation e-mails, mail tickets when needed, and contact when travel information is required by our customers.

Additional information may be included in your member profile, such as favorite destinations, home airport, and travel preferences. This information is used only to assist in making reservations quickly without the need to type in the same information repeatedly.



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